A Report Card for Your Business Financials

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Do you remember the days when you got a report card from school? Now that you have a business, your business has grades as well. But it’s up to you to calculate them.  Here are some grades you can compute for your business to give it a report card of its own.

10 Ways to Boost Your Business Revenue for 2019

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The start of a new year also means that it’s the perfect time to revisit old business strategies from last year so that you can maximize your revenue for 2019. If your financial numbers were fantastic last year, that’s great! Keep the strategies that worked for you and cut the ones that didn’t.

If your financial numbers weren’t amazing last year, or maybe you’re just interested to see how you can increase your revenue, we have you covered. Here are 10 ways you can boost your revenue this year:

Money & Marriage

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Money and Marriage

One of the biggest things that can cause fights in a marriage is money. No matter where you are in a relationship, it’s a good idea to discuss these major money topics so you’ll know where you stand. 

How to Save More in 2019

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Many people in their retirement years have regrets about not saving more during their earning years, but you don’t have to be one of them. All you need to do is be realistic and proactive about saving. It’s all about paying your future self.

What Is Reputation Management?

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Reputation management is a relatively new area within marketing.  In a way, it’s similar to digital public relations; it’s the management of a company’s reputation online. There’s also a customer service component to reputation management.

Marketing by the Numbers

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Do you know if your marketing efforts are paying off? More importantly, do you know which marketing campaigns and channels are profitable and which are losing money? 

Business Planning Made Easy for 2019

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2019 is right around the corner, which makes today the perfect time to think about your business goals and where you want to be one year from now. As year-end wraps up, you’ll soon know your financial numbers for 2018. You’ll then be able to evaluate how you did and map out a new plan for 2019. 

No Pain No Gain

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Although the slogan "No Pain, No Gain" is usually applied to a fitness routine, the same holds true for building a business.  From the very first moment we start our business, we are busy thinking about growing it: more employees, more customers, more income.  This past year has been a year of exceptional growth for my company, and although it is just what I have been striving for, it has come with challenges.

Bookkeepers - Save you Money!

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Yes, hiring a bookkeeper will cost your organization money throughout the year but a good bookkeeper should be able to save you money with your accountant at year end. Bonstar Accounting Services has been able to save their clients up to $1,800 on their year end tax preparation package from their accountant. With over 25 years of experience in corporate accounting with various industries (oil and gas, transportation, insurance, property appraisal, home building, etc.), Bonstar provides more than your typical bookkeeper. We provide a variety of services such as monthly financial statements; set up custom chart of accounts relevant to you and your business; custom reports; collaborate with consultant/accountant to ensure company records are compliant with CRA. This is only to name a few of the services available, but there are many more.

Bonstar's Favorite Local Get Away - Jasper, AB

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Escaping to Jasper, Alberta is the best way for the Bonstar Accounting Services team can relax. If we are at home in Edmonton, we struggle with taking a time out from our everyday busy life of working on client files, organizing, cleaning the house, yard work, and cooking nutrition meals. We admit it, we are very active people and find it hard to sit back and relax.


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