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Rick Walker
Rick joined the Bonstar Team July 2015.  He worked 30+ years as a Pressman in the printing industry and has always been a numbers person.  After providing support to Bonnie over the years in the accounting/bookkeeping world, realized that he would like to be a part of the same journey on a full time basis.  His change in career was a difficult journey initially but has grown a real liking to build something special and watch it grow organically.
Bonnie Jensen-Walker, CPM, CPB, SME
Bonnie knew from an early age what she wanted to do with her life.  Her two choices were to be a veterinarian or to work with numbers.  Once she figured out she couldn't stand the sight of blood, veterinarian was out of the running!  Living in a small town, there were no accounting or bookkeeping courses available to her.  Her persistent nature showed itself even then, as she pestered her parents to order an accounting correspondence course which she completed and passed with flying colors.  She knew then she had found her calling!
After 25+ years in the accounting industry working for someone else, Bonnie decided to start her own business.  Her goal was to help small business owners who couldn't afford to have a full-time bookkeeper on staff, and to provide the kind of customized service that she had always felt was important.  Although she appreciates the freedom and flexibility that having her own business affords her, she is quick to emphasize that her clients' needs come first!
When not busy with Bonstar, Bonnie enjoys travelling to South Padre Island, Texas; spending time with family and friends; but most of all taking the time to explore the outdoors with Rick, Julio and Baxter.
Bonnie has recently completed the Pure Bookkeeping QuickBooks Online Canada Certification and is now currently a Profit First Trainee.
Tammy Piercy
Julio joined Bonstar Team in September 2014.  He is Bonstar's in-house security.  He ensures every visitor is okay to enter.
Baxter joined Bonstar Team June 2017.  He is Bonstar's Office Manager.  He ensures the Bonstar Team is taking care of business and not sleeping on the job.