Business Bootcamp is here to get your business in Shape.  We Tighten and Strengthen Your Business in the Cloud.  This program is for Businesses that want to Tighten up thier workflow's and Logistics.  It is perfect for a business who wants to enter a growth period in their business.​ Bootcamp participants are given the tools to execute in their business immediately.  We work with you to make sure that you see results! ​Business Bootcamp is not about teaching you your tools or how to use them and we are not here to sell you on particular software. Instead we are here to teach you how to maximize your workflow logistics and bring your business into order.

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Bootcamp includes:

  • 12 weeks of one hour group sessions (max group of 4) covering topics such as Cash Flow, Value pricing, General Efficiency such as 17Hats, Income Tax, Hiring, Other Revenue Streams, Marketing and Social Media
  • 12 weeks of one on one sessions with Bonnie working on what you need in your business.  This is where I join you in the trenches and help you execute tasks to meet your goals.
  • All of our workflows, templates, questionnaires, contracts and more.  These are Turnkey business resources that you can immediately use in your business.​​

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I participated in the Bonstar Accounting Services Business Bootcamp from September to December 2018 not knowing exactly what to expect but it exceeded all my expectations.  We received many templates and apps to help a business owner streamline and manage processes and the individual Bootcamp calls with Bonnie were over-the-top helpful.  Whatever challenge I was having that week, Bonnie had great suggestions which I applied to the situation and which solved the problem.  The most memorable was when I shared my frustration about a particular client that was demanding of my time, ignored deadlines but wanted immediate service when he called and who questioned my invoices.  Bonnie introduced me to the Disengagement Letter - what an awesome tool!  It had the right professional tone and for the first time this client responded right away and signed off on it!  What a load off!  It is a very professional way to terminate any contract.  Bonnie Jensen-Walker is an amazingly generous business owner willing to share her experience and knowledge in order to help others succeed.  I would highly recommend this course to any small business owner who wants to get organized and automated in order to better manage business growth.

GuYDanS Bookkeeping

Bonnie is an amazing person, so she adds a comforting and supportive atmosphere to a class that could feel overwhelming without her.  I am all over the board when it comes to business and Bonnie was able to support me and show me how I could implement the tools given, no matter where I was coming from on any given day.  She was also able to help me feel comfortable and guide me to a better direction when I was feeling a bit lost.  Besides the amazing teacher, the tools I received in this course are beyond anything I could have hoped for.  If you find yourself struggling within your business or even looking to start a business and aren't sure what you could be doing, this is the bootcamp for you.  Utilizing Bonnie's guidance, along with the tools and tips taught in this course you will be able to structure your business in a way that creates a business that works for you.


TyAnn Marie Empowerment

Thank you so much Bonnie!  I am blown away with the impact the Business Bootcamp has had.  I feel extremely confident in my business tools, workflows, and finances after this bootcamp.  Bonnie helped me take a step back to view my business from the outside in.  She guided me to make smart and efficient business decisions.  Bonnie was very supportive and understanding when I needed help.  I would recommend this course to any business or individual that is looking to experience personal and professional growth.

Sara W.

Cara Creatives

I enjoyed the program.  It forced me to focus on forward thinking at a time when I know I would have only focused on the work immediately in front of me.  I liked the once a week, one hour group commitment and really appreciate that it was virtual, so it was a true hour.  It was very convenient and the whole process was easy to use.  i love that one on one time was available to get individualized attention.

Paper Reflections Photography

The Business Bootcamp from Cloud Bookkeeping Services was incredible. thorough and invaluable.  in a few short months, I took away information that will guide me for years to come.  Since taking this bootcamp, I have increased my efficiency, reduced redundancies and reignited my drive and passion for my business.  When I started this venture I expected to learn a few things and to improve my accounting and my books.  Instead, I overhauled many of my processes in business to become more efficient, have peace of mind and give me more time to focus on growing my business.

Be Prepared First Aid

The Business Bootcamp really helped me focus on the most important aspects of my business.  And I got so many amazing ideas - I'm sure I'll be implementing them for years to come!

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