Implementation Specialist

What is an Implementation Specialist?  An implementation specialist listens to the needs of the client and comes up with a solution.  Bonstar provides this type of service to our clients who want to move their business to a cloud based application, such as QuickBooks Online along with various cloud applications that compliment QuickBooks Online.  We work with our client to ensure the applications are meeting our client's goals and the client or their employees are trained properly on the new process.

Bonstar can also provide recommendations for processes within your office to assist with streamlining some of the more tedious tasks.


Go Virtual!

As technology changes more businesses are trying to go paperless, which means saving all their business documents electronically and having the ability to work from anywhere in the world as long as there is access to internet. There is very little investment required to go paperless.  All it takes is purchasing a good quality scanner and having a place to store the electronic documents (ie. Computer, drop box depending on comfort to cloud storage, etc.).

Bonstar provides virtual assistance from their office by providing the service via the internet or other technology. Going virtual eliminates travel time to the client’s office resulting in more time to spend on the client’s business needs and the transfer of data becomes easier. Bonstar has been working with a paperless client for the past year and has seen the benefits of going virtual in a real-life situation.

Bonstar has recently implemented the paperless world to their own business because it makes sense!​