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Accounting - Numbers That Make Cents!

If numbers aren’t your thing, or if the thought of bookkeeping and payroll keeps you up at night, you’re in the right place! Entrepreneurs often tell me they can’t afford to hire for roles like bookkeeping and payroll, and they get it done by working on their business during the day and trying to look after their books at night. It may not cost as much as you think to have your accounting and payroll needs looked after properly! Having your books in order, submitting payroll, making source deductions and submitting GST on time throughout the year are all the things I am good at, so look no further.

As a Financial Accountant, I am a self-starter and have the ability to evaluate a situation – to efficiently do what needs to be done without asking too many questions of the client, so they can concentrate on other aspects of their business. This ability assists in putting the clients mind at ease, knowing that they have someone they can trust and rely on to complete their bookkeeping and payroll requirements. My goal is for my clients to focus on leading a sustainable, profitable business while I look after their numbers.

I am very passionate about my bookkeeping and payroll business and strive to succeed. I take my work very seriously and let my clients know I am there to help them succeed and that they can have trust in my services. Financial Accounting can be stressful due to strict deadlines. In stressful times, I am able to maintain my high work standards.

I want my clients to both like and respect me. Respect when it comes to accomplishing what needs to be done; respect for my work and what I am doing for my client. But people also want to do business with those they like, so I make every effort to help my clients feel at ease during our business meetings.

Bonstar Accounting Services Inc. was formed one year ago. I have always wanted to own my own business, but the thought of starting it was scary. Had I known that it would be so exciting and rewarding, I would have taken the leap years ago. But now that I own my own business, there is no looking back! I look forward every day to doing my best for my clients; to meeting new clients and serving old clients. I’m living my dream doing the work I love!

If your business is based in Edmonton, Alberta or the surrounding area, you have access to complete, accurate accounting and payroll services with Bonstar Accounting.

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